Value is not the same as cost or the bottom line. Value is the fair exchange of parts and service for an amount of money. 

We often hear of other companies that can do the services for less money, but we rarely hear of other companies that do the same quality service for the same amount of money. We include parts that other companies don't include in a 100 hour service although Mercury marine includes these parts in their list of necessary service components. Some things that are typically not included are: Poppet valves which regulate water flow from idle to high speed operation, some hidden fuel filters, thermostats in four strokes that are hard to replace, and some 4 stroke thermostats cost as much as $115.00 instead of the old $35. The price of labor stays close to the same, you cannot do a complete service cheaply anymore.
Some shops replace impellers only, we know this because we sell parts to other repair companies. How can this possibly seal back together without gaskets? We refer to partial services like this as the "Jupiter quickie". You may get away with partial services until something fails, however, maintenance is done to avoid failures and the damage that they cause. Usually the failure causes more damage then the factory service would have cost. Where is the "Value" in that and who wants that additional failure with a boat full of family and friends.

We stick to our guns that what we recommend for service that is the best value for your money. Ask the cheap service providers what they don't include and check it against factory recommendations.

"You only get what you pay for."
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